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Our specialist services includes Property transfers, Mortgage Bonds, Sale and Lease agreements, Servitudes and Notarial Practice, Antenuptial Contracts and Developments.

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Mandi Hamman Attorneys has been in the property business since 2005.  We specialize in all aspects of Property Law.



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Trying to sell property privately? Beware of these 8 specific pitfalls

Selling your home yourself and keeping the commission in your pocket instead of paying it to an estate agent may sound like a good idea, especially in a busy market, but you should be aware of the dangers before you decide on this approach.



Stuck with a bond interest rate above prime? Here's how to renegotiate with your bank

Raising a home loan is often the one of the most stressful times in one’s life - but don't forget, renegotiating a lower interest rate a few years later can save you thousands of rands. You have nothing to lose, so it's worth a try.